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    15 000 000 euro

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    40 000 000 $

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    10 000 000 euro

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Why to play lotto online?

  • There are only two ways to play lotto. First of them is to play on the national lottery games which are accessible in the country where you live. But there are so many interesting games in the world. How to play these games when you don`t live in the country where is playing the game you want? The answer is: PLAY LOTTO ONLINE. It is the second way. Millions of people around the world have chosen this way. Why? Because it is the easiest way to purchase online lottery tickets and winning the lottery jackpot.

Play Lotto Online

This site is specialized in the information about the most interested lottery games in the world. Independently whether You want to see next jackpot, latest result or want to try your luck while play lotto online You just have to click on the respective image. In a window You will find all information about the game which You like.
The images on the games are arranged according the minimum size of the jackpot which they offer. Of course this size increases when the jackpot has not won so sometimes games with smaller minimum jackpot can have bigger than other. Please, be especially attentive when You play lotto online. Make your choise according the jackpot size but do not forget that there are many other very important things for wich You must think before to play. 

The most important of them is the ODDS:
Usually the games which offer biggest jackpots have very bad odds. It is so because the big sum in the game is accumulated from many draws without a winner. This means that the odds is very bad. There are however some games which are very good compromise between odds and jackpot size. For example these are Loto France and the UK National Lottery. It is enough only a short view on the history on the draws and winners and everybody can understand why.
How to choose the best of lotto games which to play online?
Before to make your choise, let to know more about the lottery games.
As We already said, the lottery games are separated according the size of jackpot and better odds. What is better to choice? There are many players who play lotto online only for the biggest jackpot. These players play for the shiver to win a huge sum. There are however many other players who play because the price of the ticket is cheap. We think that the right way is somewhere in the middle.